Kakamega Forest. Wikipedia
Kakamega Forest. Wikipedia

Kakamega Forest

Being small is one of the last areas of virgin rainforest remaining in Kenya.

Among its forest cover stands parasitic fig tree that grows in the treetops, maintaining a relationship of parasitism with host trees.

Its fauna, over 300 species of birds, the most relevant, the hornbill Turaco Ross and the great blue turaco.

At night the fruit bat and flying squirrel offer their frantic activity in search of flowers, seeds and berries.

During the month of October blooming wildflowers it occurs, offering their pollen to more than 400 species of butterflies.

Why should you visit it?

  • Walking
  • Bird watching

When should you go?

  • June, August and October are the best months to observe migratory birds on arrival at the Reserve
  • October to see butterflies