Kilimanjaro National Park. By Udare Safari
Kilimanjaro National Park. By Udare Safari

Kilimanjaro National Park

At 5,895, m Kilimanjaro is the Highest point in Africa This volcanic massif stands in splendid with its snowy Peak. Looming over the savannas. The mountain is encoded by mountain forest. Numerous mammals many of them endangered species live in the park.

Since opening in 1977, it is one of the visited parks in Tanzania. Unlike parks, there is the interest in their fauna or Flora which attributed its appeal. The ability to climb the highest mountain in Africa, reaching the snowy peaks on Ecuador and ultimately feel the greatness of the “Roof of Africa”.

In the heart of the park Kilimanjaro with 5896 meter, it boasts of one of the mountains and one of the highest volcanoes in the world rises.

On the way to the summit we will cross cultivated land, rainforest, alpine meadows arid moonscape and finally the snowy peaks.

It permeates all this mountain of great magnetism that attracts more than 25,00 hikers a year.

Although no the subject of the visit of this park, we can find diverse wildlife on the way to the summit, such as buffalo, elephants, leopards. Monkeys and eland.

Why should you visit it?

  • Ascent to Kilimanjaro.
  • Immersion in the Maasai and Chaga cultures, main ethic groups in the area.

When should you go?

  • The best time is during the dry season from late June t October and between late December and early March between short and long rains.