Hadzabe. By Nuria B.
Hadzabe. By Nuria B.

Lake Eyasi

This beautiful lake is situated northern Tanzania between failure and Kidero Eyasi montains lying west of lake Manyara and approximately 95 rules (155Km)

The Bottom of Bowlike depression in a Region of Volcanic activity

The walls of the lake are purple lava enclosing a broad expavise of white alkaline shallows with some French water at depletions below 33 feet (10m) The lake has no outlet its main inlet is the Sibite River on the southwest.

The lake drains an area of about 25,300 square rules (65,500 sq) Greater & lesser flamingos inhalant the lake shore in vast stocks.

This in Inherited with a very long- traditionally  keeping tribe indigenerously known as the Hadza or Hadzabe. As explained above Indigenous Ethnic group live in north – central Tanzania around lake Eyasi in central Rift Valley in the neighboring Serengeti Plateaus. These indigenous are also hunting gathering beings ever and still existing in Africa.

Why should you visit it?

  • Visit Villages hadzabe and Datoga.

When should you go?

  • All year around.