Lake victoria. By Wikipedia
Lake victoria. By Wikipedia

Lake Victoria

It is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest lake in the world after Lake Superior in North America and this lake was named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning speke.

It belongs to, Tanzania Kenya, Uganda and with an area of 69,482 square kilometers and with a maximum depth of 82 meter.

It offers a good alternative to escape the most popular itineraries to with the rhythm of the people.

The stand out as attractive stocks on the banks of the lake, as Musoma and Bukoba, Mwanza, the second largest city of Tanzania and the idyllic forests National Park is Rubondo Island.

Why should you visit it?

  • Visit the largest lake in Africa.
  • Live new experiences away from the crowds and safari.
  • Visit rural areas.

When should you go?

  • All year but from March to May rains are daily.