Mikumi National Park

The Mikumi National Park is a National Park in Mikumi, near Morogoro.

The park was Established in 1964 currently covers an area of 3230 square Kilometers and surrounded by Uluguru Mountains Lumongo Rubeho and provides  habitat Zebra, Buffalo Elephants and Giraffes, among others. Mikumi is also the forth largest in the country, crossed  by A-7 high way.

Mikumi is an important educational center where the study of yellow baboon, one of the few long – term research on primates in the continent develops

The most accessible national park from Dar es Salaam, this makes an excellent destination because it combines a lot of wildlife and great accessibly.

Why should you visit it?

  • A perfect park for those who have little time high and verify of mammals and birds.

When should you go?

  • All the year around.