Currency. By Udare Safari
Currency. By Udare Safari

Currency used in Tanzania and Kenya - Udare Safari

Local currencies and equivalences


Currency: Tanzanian Shilling
Exchange rate fluctuates.

  • 1 €: 2438 shillings
  • 1 $: 2183 shillings


Currency: Shilling
Exchange rate flucturates.

  • 1 €: 113 shillings
  • 1 $: 102 shillings

Other currencies

You can change euros and American dollars at exchange offices and banks. You can get some cash in automatic teller machines (ATM).

Credit cards are accepted at all major hotels. It is advisable to check with your credit or debit card company prior to using your cards abroad.

You can withdraw cash from ATMs with Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Keep in mind the following IMPORTANT WARNING: dollar bills must be «big head». It is advised that travelers bring dollars with them which have not been issued before 2006, as most stores do not accept them.