Responsible tourism. By Udare Safari
Responsible tourism. By Udare Safari

Responsible tourism in Tanzania and Kenya

From Udare Safari we are committed towards responsible tourism, we want to enjoy this great experience while minimizing our footprint.

For this reason Udare Safari has joined FAADA, Foundation Advice and Action in Defense of Animals, a non-profit organization for the protection of animals.

If we want to enjoy the beauty of the parks, fauna and life in our hands it is to contribute in it.

Then we must respect certain rules to try to minimize our impact on wildlife are as follows:

  • You never leave the vehicle, except in the areas authorized to do so, whether gazebos or picnic areas, identified as such. Some species may seem harmless, but be aware that they are species in the wild and their behavior can be unpredictable.
  • You should never be too close to the animals, do not harass them, you have to respect a safe distance and back down if nervousness or aggression is observed. Stress that can generate them can alter their behavior and lifestyle, having a direct influence on the chances of survival of the individual concerned. There is nothing sadder than seeing a cheetah abandon their prey due to the pressure exerted by our presence.
  • Animals always have right of way. The animals on the roads always have priority and will have to slow down the vehicle.
  • Do not feed the animals, much as we leftover picnic food and animals have next to our vehicle. They should not assume that receive food from the vehicles or their behavior patterns will be altered.  
  • Should not follow when predators stalk their prey, since we can interfere directly in their hunting success. We must be aware that the success of adults depends the life of her cubs. It is very difficult for hunters overtake their prey with a motorcade lurking behind him.
  • Should not littering, we are not aware that a plastic abandon in savannah, remain there indefinitely and when we return to our homes, we will have helped to pollute a park which is not capable of supporting an abandoned plastic per one of the millions of visitors it receives.   
Tiempo que tarde en degradarse nuestra basura. Por Udare

Time it takes to degrade our waste By Udare Safari

  • It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarettes out of the vehicle. The consequences can be disastrous if a fire occurred.
  • Vehicles must circulate within the roads. One of the greatest threats of parks and their life is the soil erosion due to vehicle traffic off the roads. In this sense, it is the responsibility of both drivers and travelers to be respectful with this rule. 
  • Try to be silent, we do not want to scare or stress wildlife.

Many of these indications may seem obvious and evident, but for a safari can see how human behavior, on more than one occasion it may surprise you.