Lake Naivasha. By Udare Safari
Lake Naivasha. By Udare Safari

Lake Naivasha

The banks covered by papyri and yellow acacias surround the lake, habitat of protected populations of hippos and golden eagles, among others.

Important source of economic resources for the area because from it depends agricultural, flower and fish farming activities. These same activities are threatening the ecosystem.

It is an interesting place, to get out of the exhausted road trip during the safari. A relaxing boat ride watching the populations of hippos and diverse birdlife, will help you to experience other sensations outside of the game drive frenzy.

Among its attractions, highlights the Crescent Island Wildlife Reserve.

This is a reserve where you can walk through its meadows watching the wildlife that inhabits it, giraffes, zebras, kudus, wildebeests, etc.

 Why should you visit it?

  • Enjoy aquatic ecosystem with a variety of birds
  • Taking a walk on Crescent Island looking wildebeest, giraffes and zebras

When should you go?

  • All the year around
  • During the rainy season can be more complicated the boat ride and walk